Food Safety & Quality Policy

Food Safety & Quality Policy

It is the policy of SushiSushi Ltd to ensure: -

‘That the products we buy, store, sell and distribute are safe and meet UK / EU legislative requirements as well as meeting our obligation to sell products of the nature, substance and quality required.

SushiSushi Limited has a legal, moral and business imperative to ensure that food safety and quality are effectively managed throughout the supply chain. The company has a responsibility to its customers to ensure that products produced are safe, legal and authentic and that they fulfil the customers’ expectations completely. Food Safety & Quality is achieved through effective implementation of the Food Safety Quality Management System.The company is committed to regular reviews of food safety & quality performance and to a process of continual improvement in all aspects of food safety and quality. It is the responsibility of the company directors to communicate the above requirements to all members of staff, suppliers and service suppliers. The realisation of the Food Safety Quality Policy is achieved through:-

Implementation and management of the company’s Food Safety and Quality Management System.

Ensuring all employees, suppliers and service suppliers are aware of our commitment to food safety & quality.

Ensuring all necessary requirements are in place for the company to sell, Safe, Legal and Quality products at all times.

Providing the financial and human resources required to meet its obligations.