How to Make Authentic Japanese Oyakodon

August 10, 2017

Oyako-don literally means “parent and child” as it is made with chicken and eggs. Making oyakodon, dashi plays a very important part!  With dashi in it, you can cook proper Japanese Oyakodon!

Oyakodon for 1


Ingredients for soup

-   Cooked rice  -   ★ 1tbsp (15cc) of soy sauce
-   1 chicken thigh -   ★ 1tbsp (15cc) of mirin
-   1 large Egg  -   ★ 1/2 tbsp of sake
 (if you are using small egg,I suggest you use 2 eggs) -   ★ 1/2 tbsp of sugar
-   1/4 onion -   ★ 80cc of water
-    Wakame, fried tofu, carrots (optional) -    1tsp (5cc) of dashi powder 



Slice the onion and carrots and put them in the small pan or small pot with all the ingredients that are marked with: ★. Boil it for 2 minutes and then add the chicken. Boil for an extra 3 minutes. Add the egg and turn off the hob. Put the lid on the pan and cook until the egg cooks slightly. It should be only slightly firm.

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