Poke Bowl: The Next Generation of Sushi

August 14, 2017

Poke (po-keh) is a Hawaian inspired sushi bowl. It is a raw fish salad. Poke began with fishermen seasoning the off-cuts from their catch to serve as a snack. It is then served over rice and topped with vegetables and umami-packed seasonings. Poke has been popular in Hawaii for decades, and in the past year or so the poke bowl has been healthy choice in America.

Traditional poke seasonings have been heavily influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines. They use soy sauce and sesame oil for seasoning to marinate fish, furikake for topping, they use wasabi as well.

 What exactly is in the bowl? Build your poke bowl!


1 Base: Rice

The first layer of the bowl. Coming from a sushi background, using short grain Japanese sushi rice would be the best when served with raw fish, but you can also use regular white rice.

2 Protein: Fish

Fresh fish or seafood are the most important ingredients for poke bowl. Tuna, is the most common choice used in poke bowl in Hawaii. Here are some other fish used for poke.
Ahi poke - tuna
Aku poke - bonito
Tako poke - octopus
Also, salmon is often used in poke bowls. Mackerel, mussels, scallops too.

3 Mix-ins: Seaweed and vegetables

Seaweed is marinated with fish. Wakame and hijiki is popular choice. Nori flake is used for toppings.
Vegetables: avocado, shaved onion matchs with raw fish. Vegetables and seaweed add flavour and crunch. 

4 Seasoning sauces: soy sauce, sesame oil

soy saucetamarisesame oilponzu (citrus soy sauce) is used commonly. Yuzu sauce can be used to add a refreshing twist. For hot sauce, wasabi is  popular. Gochujang paste is one option too!


5 Toppings and garnish: sesame seeds, furikake

for more flavour you can add white / black sesame seeds and spring onion. Also adding furikake and shichimi will give more umami!

Build your poke bowl : more options

Bonito flake
Shitake mushrooms
Sushi ginger
Fried lotus root

Fresh fish and colourful toppings.... Poke bowls, Hawaiian traditional food with a sushi twist; it’s both a
comfort food and a healthy. Poke can be the next generation of sushi!

Try our poke recipe !

Tuna poke bowl for 2

200-300g of sashimi tuna
1 Avocado
1/2 onion
★1 tbsp of soy sauce  
★1 tbsp sesame oil
★(1/2 tbsp mirin if you like)
★pinch of salt
★sesame seeds
spring onion

Cut tuna and avocado to cubes. Marinate them with ★ marked ingridients and leave them in the fridge for 10 to 15min. Put them ove the rice and done !


Spicy mayo salmon poke for 2  

300g of sashimi salmon
★1 tbsp of sesame oil
★1/4 (50cc) of japanese mayo
★1 tbsp of hawaiian salt (or nomal salt)
★3 tbsp of masago
★1 tsp of gouchujang (opyion)
★sesame seeds
you can also add edamame / avocado for option

Cut salmon to cubes and mix them together with all ★ marked ingredients, toss it on the rice with furikake! 

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