How to make tantan noodles (Ramen in spicy sesame soup)

February 01, 2019

Dandan noodles is originally Chinese dish, it is also popular in Japan and it is called tantan-men. In this recipe, you can cook Japanese style tantan noodles!

Tantan Ramen Noodles Recipe | SushiSushi

Tantan-men (ramen in spicy creamy sesame soup) | Serves 2



150g of minced pork
Spring onion 
Kizami ginger
1 tbsp of Toban-djan
bean sprouts (optional)

Stir fry minced pork and all other ingredients together (spring onion and ginger, bean sprout). Leave 2 tsp of mixed pork for the last.


200g of Ramen noodles

For soup:
800ml of water
⭐︎2 tbsp of Chicken soup stock 
⭐︎1 tbsp of vinegar
⭐︎1 tbsp of soy sauce
⭐︎1/2 tsp of sugar
⭐︎1 tbsp of seame oil

Sesame paste 
La-yu (optional)


How to make the soup:

Boil water and add ⭐︎marked ingredients. Then add minced pork you stir fried. 

Boil the noodle.

Add sesame paste to the soup at last, then add the 2 tbsp of minced pork you saved. Add layu chilli oil for an optional added kick. 



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