Taste Of Japan: Tomoe Jozo

June 24, 2019

Tomoe Jozo is a new member for sushisushi family! They are from Hokkaido. Hokkaido is one of the most popular places for people to visit in Japan these last few years. Hokkaido is known as their amazing seafood. That is actually the reason why Tomoe is located in Hokkaido today. Tomoe used to be a company that sells food everywhere in Japan by ship. When they visited Hokkaido, they found how Hokkaido have so many tasty food and products, and they established Their company there. That was in 1891.

Tomoe started making soy sauce and miso as they had nice snow water. Water there was known for being so clear. Whats special about their products are, they make products using their seafood from hokkaido that other food companies can't produce. Most of the kombu products in Japan are from hokkaido. 

We will have very special products of them here at sushisushi. 

Scallop Dashi

Salmon Dashi

Rausu Kombu Dashi



Kombu soy sauce

Kombu dashi 

Enjoy the flavour of Hokkaido!

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