10 Best Japanese Recipes For The Western Palate

April 23, 2018

Japan is a wonderland of food. It is best if you can travel there to try all the good food of course, but without travelling, why don't you try to cook them at home? In this blog, we explore the 10 best authentic Japanese recipes for the western palate. These recipes are quick, tasty and some can even be cooked on the barbecue!


1. Gyoza 

Gyoza are dumplings filled with minced pork. In England we have a variety of gyoza, chicken and vegetarian gyoza are common. Here is our gyoza recipe for vegetarians and others!



2. Deep Fried Sushi Rolls

Even if you don't like raw fish, there is a sushi you can try and you will love this one! Crispy sushi with sweet soy sauce is the best. A little bit naughtier than regular sushi but we love it anyway.



3. Kara-age (without deep frying)

Kara-age is a Japanese fried chicken. The crispy dough is flavoured with soy sauce and some spices. It is a popular izakaya (bar) menu.



4. Oyako-don

Oyako means parent(s) and child in Japanese. It is called such due to the ingredients: chicken and egg. Packed full of umami which it gets from the dashi used, it is one of our favourite rice bowl dishes.



5. Okonomiyaki and Hiroshima-yaki

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese omelette and is simple to make! It is known as a popular street food from Osaka. There are two very famous okonomiyaki, “Kansai style” okonomiyaki and “Hiroshima style” okonomiyaki.



6. Yakisoba

Yakisoba is a classic fried noodle dish with pork and vegetables. Yakisoba sauce is packed full of flavour and will be a favourite of everybody. Easy to modify for vegetarians.



7. Omu-rice

This omelette dish is inspired by western dishes. Ketchup flavoured fried rice is wrapped with a fried egg and covered in Ketchup. Omelette and rice sounds like an odd combination at first but they work very well together and is totally worth the effort!



8. Tempura

Tempura is a Portuguese dish brought to and popularized by Japan. Today, you will find many different types of tempura, from eggplant to shrimp! Easy to make and super tasty.



9. Katsu-curry

After the adoption of curry in many countries, the Japanese also develop it to their own taste. Pork katsu is one of the most famous adopted curry today!



10. Takoyaki

Takoyaki is a famous food from Osaka. It is easy and fun to make with friends, so it is one of the popular party foods today! Our takoyaki kit is available here.


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