Taste of Japan: Inside the 200 year old Shibanuma factory

November 23, 2018

Have you heard about our new product range yet? We are excited to be announcing the new members to our ever growing family of products here at SushiSushi! We would like to begin the "Taste of Japan" series which has been sourced from the famous Shibanuma soy sauce company.

Shibanuma Soy Sauce has specialised in producing soy sauce and Japanese seasonings in Tsuchiura for over 320 years through 18 generations, since founded by Shozaemon Shibanuma in 1688.

Their products are made from high quality soybeans and wheat grown in their local region of Ibaraki, located in the North eastern part of Kanto district, Japan. Soy sauce was called Ohitachi, and it is said that soy sauce from Hitachi (Ibaraki) was the best soy sauce in Japan. It was selected and presented to the Edo Shogunate as one of the best soy sauce in Japan during the Edo era. 

The secret of the pleasant, rich, complex flavor and aroma of Shibanuma’s soy sauce, are the original wooden barrels descended for decades, traditionally used for fermentation and maturation. Natural microbes of the wooden barrels combined with Shibanuma’s process method are the key to their leading quality.

Another special feature about Shimanuma soy sauce is, they produce "Raw" soy sauce. Normally soy sauce is sterilised by a high heat before its contained in the glass bottle, this is very reminiscent of milk pasteurisation. This is to increase shelf life but it makes soy sauce colour dark and takes away the flavour of original soy sauce. Shibanuma sterilise their soy sauce by ceramic filtereing to keep the original flavour and the colour.

Check out Shibanuma's special soy sauce!

Gluten free soy sauce 1.8L

Dark koikuchi soy sauce 18L

Gluten free soy sauce 18L 

Gluten free Yakitori sauce 1.8L

Gluten free Teriyaki sauce 1.8L

Gluten free Eel sauce 1.8L Gluten free Umami dressing 1L

Yuzu katsuo ponzu 300ml

Gluten free sesame dressing 1L

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