Japanese canapé ideas

December 04, 2017

Tis the season to grow a belly, and that's why we'll be indulging in all our favourite Japanese food over the festive holidays! You might not be able to persuade your family to sacrifice the traditional Christmas day roast for a Japan inspired feast this year, but we can guarantee these delicious bite-sized canapes will go down a storm at a Christmas eve or New Years Eve party - serve them up with sake cocktails! You can also check our old canapé recipe too!
1 Potato Takoyaki
Japanese canapé

2 Potatoes 

1 tbsp of takoyaki sauce (or okonomiyaki)

1 tbsp of Japanese mayo 

aonori and bonito flakes 

 How to

Cut potato to 4 chunks and heat them in the microwave  for 5min. 

Mix sauce and mayo and put potatoes in the sauce.

Sprinkle aonori and bonito flakes 

2 Chicken skin Kara-age stick
Japanese canapé | SushiSushi

1 tsp of sugar 


 How to

Cut chicken skin, cover them with katakuriko, fry them in the pan till they get crispy.  

Wipe all the oil away in the pan, mix all condiments and fry with chicken. Put them on to sticks .
3 Crispy nori seaweed with Ikura

Tempura batter mix and water (mix less water as nori will be too soft with too much water) 


How to 

Cover Nori with tempura batter mix and deep fry, put inure for topping. 

4 Wasabi buagette


Sliced cheese 


How to
Slice the baguette, spread wasabi on it and put cheese on top and grill. Sprinkle nori on top if you like. It matches with sake and shochu! 
5 Konjac with spring onion

1 spring onion 


1tbsp of sake 


How to

Mix all the condiments with spring onions you have cut   

Cut konjac to the size you can put on the sticks and also cut the surface of konjac.

Fry konjac for bit, and put them on the sticks.  

Mix all the condiments (apart from soy sauce) to make sauce. 

Pour soy sauce on top of konjac. and then put spring onion sauce on top of it.  
6 Matcha cheese cake

100g of cream cheese 

20g of sugar 

1tbsp of Fresh cream 

1tbsp of Matcha powder 

1.5tsp Gelatin 

8 crackers 

 How to

Leave cream cheese in room temperature before you make. 

When it is soft, mix it with marked condiments apart from gelatine. 

Mix gelatine with boiled water (1.5tbsp) then mix with cheese. 

Put them on crackers and ankle, leave them in the fridge for a while. 

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