Equipment Needed To Make Sushi Rolls

July 20, 2017

Today we are looking at the equipment and ingredients needed to make maki sushi rolls. Making maki-sushi is simple with the correct equipment. Let’s have a look at what you will need:


The Rice:


Rice cooker or a pan. Sushi rice is usually better cooked in a rice cooker as it gives the rice a stickier finish but if you don’t have access to one, boiling the rice in a pan also works. The Rice

Sushi oke or a large bowlUsed to mix the rice with seasoning.

Sushi paddleUsed to mix the rice with seasoning.

Hand fan. To cool the rice. Not necessary but it adds authenticity.



Short grain rice. Also referred to as sushi rice. Once cooked, this rice is sticky which is required when making sushi.

Sushi vinegar. To add extra flavour to the rice. It can be a liquid or powdered seasoning.


The Roll:

Sushi rolling mat or Makisushi MouldOne of these are necessary to shape  the roll.

Sushi gloves. Although these are not a necessity, they allow you to handle the sticky rice without it sticking to your hands.

Sushi knife. A sharp knife is needed to cut fish, any vegetables, or the roll.




Nori. Also known as sushi nori or sushi seaweed. You will need full sheets for futomaki (thick/large rolls) or half sheets for hosomaki (thin/small rolls).

Fillings. Kanpyo, egg, surimi stick (seafood sticks), cucumber, tobiko, natto... etc)



Cooking the Rice:  

Boil about 180g (2.5 cups) of rice, it will make 1 futomaki or 2 hosomaki. Once the rice is boiled, put this rice into the sushi oke or a big bowl. If you’re using a sushi okemake sure you dampen it before adding the rice so that it stops the rice from sticking to it. Add sushi vinegar over the rice. If you are using season powder, all you need to do is, put 15ml of powder in 180g of rice and mix well with sushi paddle. If you are using liquid seasoning, add 30ml to 180g of rice and mix well with a sushi paddle. When you mix the rice, try not to squish the rice, and mix it well until the rice as a shine to it. Use a fan to cool the rice slightly. If the rice becomes too cold, it will become too hard.




Now, roll!

Place nori (seaweed) on the sushi mat and spread the sushi rice on the nori. When you spread the rice, leave a 1cm of gap from the bottom, and leave 2~3cm of gap on the top. Make sure to spread the rice flat, this is important. Then add your fillings of choice. Add them in the centre. Lift the end of the mat and roll it over ingredients. Roll so that the bottom of the mat meets the top of the mat. Shape the roll in the mat with your hands. Roll carefully and firm.

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