Try Different Gyoza! For Vegans and Others

July 24, 2017

Gyoza are pan-fried Japanese dumplings. Normally filled with minced pork and cabbage, Chinese chives. Pork gyoza is always so nice, but there some other gyozas recipe you can try. Some recipes are also vegan.


  1. Prawn Gyoza 

・20 gyoza wrappers

・150g of prawns

・1/2 onions (finely chopped)

★ 1tbsp (15cc) of soy sauce 

★ salt and pepper 

★ 1 tsp (5cc) of ginger paste 

tbsp (15cc) of potato starch (you could try with corn starch)

Chop onion and prawns to small pieces, (prawns should be almost mashed) put them in the mixing bowl with all marked ingredients and wrap them with gyoza wrappers and fry. When you fry, pour some water into the pan, and put the lid on (or foil) to steam fry for 2-3min.



  1. Natto Gyoza

・20 gyoza wrappers

・3 packs of natto

・Spring onion

Sesame oil (or vegetable oil)

・Sauces: ponzu is recommend, you can also try gyoza sauce.

Mix natto and natto sauce (that comes with the natto), add spring onion for more flavour if you like, and wrap them with gyoza wrapper. Steam fry them for 3 min. Sesame oil enhances the flavour.



  1. Tuna Mayonnaise Gyoza

・20 gyoza wrappers

・1 tin of tuna

・1/2 onion (finely chopped)



・Sauces: ponzu is recommended.

Chop the onion. Mix it with tuna, mayonnaise, and pepper. You can put corns as well if you like. Wrap them with wrapper and steam fry for about 2-3min.



  1. Kimchi Cheese Gyoza 

・20 gyoza wrappers

・200g of kimchi 

・Cheese (as much as you like)

・You can also add minced pork

・Sauce:  gyoza sauce is recommended.

 Wrap kimchi and cheese with wrapper and steam fry! Easy.



     5.  Chicken and Avocado Gyoza

・20 gyoza wrappers

・200g of chicken breast 

・1/2 avocado

Garlic (tube) 

1tsp of sugar 

2tsp of soy sauce

salt and pepper

1 tsp of potato starch (corn starch)

Chop the avocado and chicken into pieces. Mix them with together with ★ marked ingredients. Wrap them and steam fry!               

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